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The establishment of a U19 tackle football league, exclusively for girls and young women, or those who identify as such, which will develop athletes without the encumbrance of broader programs.

To develop a league where girls and young women, often marginalized in the sport of football, can find like-minded teammates and participate in the sport without being limited to the periphery due to barriers, both real and perceived.

This league, named the Ontario Women’s Football League (OWFL), will encompass the province of Ontario and will draw on currently sanctioned members of Football Ontario to seed the league with teams.
For 2023, the OWFL will be fielding teams in two tackle football age divisions:
U19 (players born 2005/06/07)
U16 (players born 2008/09/10)
These age divisions are three year spans, which will allow centres to reach viable rosters in year one. The U19 division is designated as such to include players in Grade 12 in the spring/summer before they reach university age.

The OWFL will be a spring/summer league. Currently, the first proposed event will be a jamboree on May 13th, which will include all centres in a central location for a series of mini-games. This jamboree will serve as a pre-season opportunity for teams to get a look at each other in game conditions, will serve as a Team Ontario scouting opportunity, will allow for the OWFL to hold an in-person Board meeting and will give Football Ontario a tremendous opportunity to showcase the program as a whole to the media.
There will be a six game schedule starting May 20th, with a semi-final tentatively planned for July 8th and a championship for July 15th. This will lead directly to the U18 Women’s Tackle Football Canada Cup starting July 22nd.

The OWFL is currently planning on a 6v6 format. This allows for smaller rosters and will permit more centres to launch viable teams. Minimum roster will be 12 players, while maximum roster will be 24 players.
The league will use the complete Football Canada ruleset for 6v6 tackle play.

Centre Interest
Interested centres can complete this form to apply for application to the OWFL. Any program currently sanctioned for spring/summer play is welcome to apply. Other must obtain this sanctioning from Football Ontario before proceeding.