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                     2024 Helmet Communication Device Regulations

Keeping in line with the approval of the use of helmet communication devices approved by Football Canada and Football Ontario the following are the regulations for use in the Ontario Summer Football League.

1. Helmet communication devices will be permitted.
2. Helmet communication devices will be permitted from U16 to U19 only.

3. Helmet communication devices are allowed to be used by one Offensive player – Quarterback and one Defensive player.

4. Communication is to be one way only. Coach to player. Player will have no ability to talk, just listen.

5. Each team is responsible for providing their own communication device.
6. The helmets with the communication device need to be indicated with a NEON green sticker.

7. If technical issues arise, the opposing team does not need to take their device down.
8. There is no shut off for the device.
9. There is no responsibility added to the Officials in managing of the devices use or rules.

10. Coaches are only to communicate using the device up to the snap of the ball.

11. Helmet devices cannot be any larger then 1’ x 1.2’ - in line with the Atech or GSC styles, no alterations to the helmet are permitted.