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Nov 18 2023

2023 Fall Cup U19 Womens Tackle Champions

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An exciting Showdown in the U19 Women's Tackle Football OFFL / OWFL Championship Game.

Friday night ignited the highly anticipated Fall Cup, featuring an electrifying match-up between the formidable Peel Panthers and the resilient Cumberland Panthers. The intensity was palpable from the start, as both teams fiercely battled for dominance.  The first half concluded in a 0 - 0 tie.

As the third quarter commenced, the Cumberland Panthers seized the opportunity to break the deadlock, gaining an exhilarating rouge to take a 1-0 lead.

The fourth quarter became a thrilling exchange of blows and in a stunning twist, the Peel Panthers managed to secure a late touchdown, propelling them to a narrow 12-8 advantage with a mere minute remaining.

Just when it seemed that victory was within the Peel Panthers' grasp, the Cumberland Panthers refused to surrender. Fuelled by unwavering determination, QB Marie Sartorio unleashed a monumental throw, met with a breathtaking catch by WR Erika Murphy. This sensational play brought the Cumberland Panthers within striking distance, setting the stage for a heart-stopping finale.

With a mere 39 seconds remaining on the clock, the Cumberland Panthers summoned their last reserves of strength and resilience. The Cumberland Panthers orchestrated a miraculous game-winning touchdown.

The final score stood at Cumberland Panthers 16, Peel Panthers 12.

Congratulations to the Cumberland Panthers for being the 2023 Fall Cup Champions!


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